I have been collecting since 1974. Interested in movies and TV shows that reveal social, cultural and political ideas that time forgot, using film as time travel to visit past climates of opinion, such as racism, sexism, anticommunist hysteria and nuke war paranoia. And I  like science fiction, stop- motion and serials, both as complete sets of chapters and as condensed features, and use this kind of programming to show at SF and Steampunk conventions at hotels and resorts. 

Also have a lot of classics and Favorite Stories like Harvey and Treasure of the Sierra Madre, some Golden Turkeys and Cinema Curiosities like Little Cigars and Joe Macbeth, cast-out-of character stories showing Bill Boyd not as Hoppy and Warner Oland not as Charlie Chan, films of Stage Plays like The Balcony, Long Day’s Journey and The Front Page, and have the makings of Film Festivals for Buster Crabbe, Ronald Regan, Sabu and Maria Montez. 

I have assembled some serials into extended features by cutting out the chapter breaks and bridging the action continuously. 

Also have social-issue documentaries such as Harvest of Shame, The Inheritance, With Babies and Banners, Miles of Smiles.

Shorts condensed from features?  Features condensed from serials?  You bet!

So it is a widely varied archive from which I have produced shows at conventions, pubs, outdoor  spaces, cinema centers and museums, and would love to teach on the college level either as a full course or as a special guest doing topical presentations.